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Why Music Lessons Online?

What? How is that possible? What are the advantages of lessons online?
  • Any student, any age, any day of the week, and from literally anywhere on the planet can study with an experienced and reputable teacher. 

  • Distance and geography are no longer an issue.

  • Yet, the lesson experience is just like being in your living room.

  • Only tools required are a decent internet connection and a web cam (which comes typically included today with most computers).

  • With gas prices, bad weather, and congested traffic there is simply no need for the student, the student's parents, or the teacher to expend significant amounts of fuel costs, as well as risking traffic accidents, when the lesson can be given within the comfort of one's own home at the convenience of the student and the student's family.

  • This is the most efficient way to take private lessons in today's online world.

Click here for an article by Joseph Natoli, explaining additional benefits of online lessons

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