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Customized Original Music Compositions

... for special moments in your life that deserve to be remembered

You Provide Photos/Videos

We Create Your Memory

JANPress will help you memorialize a special moment in your life captured in pictures and/or or video and compose music or a soundtrack customized specifically for that event. No one else will have that original music created especially for you!

Finished Product Purchase

We will take whatever pictures and video elements you provide to us and create a final product that combines them with a fully customized and original music soundtrack with a resulting video you will cherish forever. 


All of this can be done completely electronically and final payment can be through PayPal, so this can be accomplished literally no matter what your geography is. 

Based on finished video length:

1-5 minutes        = $199

6-10 minutes      = $349

11-15 minutes   = $499 

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