Joseph Natoli Composition In Memory Of Stephen Dominko

Video: "The One" (in memory of Stephen Dominko, 1947 - 10 December 2017) composed and performed by Joseph Natoli.

Article published in Jan 2018 issue

Composer and accordionist Joseph Natoli honors and memorializes Stephen Dominko on the day of his passing

with "The One," a composition he was compelled to compose, perform, and record within several hours on the

day that Stephen sadly left us.

The comments on the video best state the reasons for the composition:

Joe Natoli states, ”I am consumed with sadness today after learning of the passing of my boyhood musical idol,

Stephen Dominko. I listened to everything he did constantly and aspired to his level of artistry. Stephen was an

accomplished composer and that is something we have in common, so I try to honor his memory with this piece I wrote today after learning of his passing. RIP Stephen. You had such a big impact on my life. Thank you so much.”

Joseph Natoli has been a performer and advocate of the accordion since the age of seven. Joe started his musical studies with prominent Ohio accordion teacher, the late Mickey Bisilia of Youngstown, Ohio, and won the 1972 AAA US Virtuoso Accordion Championship under Mr. Bisilia’s tutelage, while placing first runner-up several months later in the Coupe Mondiale world accordion competition in Caracas, Venezuela. More recently, Joe also won the grand prize for the first Roland US V-Accordion competition held in Los Angeles, California, in 2008.

Joe’s education includes Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in music theory and composition from the University of Toronto Faculty Of Music in Toronto, Canada, where he was the first student accepted there to use the free bass accordion as an applied major instrument, studying with world-renowned Canadian accordionist, Joseph Macerollo. Joe Natoli also studied with some of Canada’s most important composers like John Weinzweig (dean of Canadian composers), Gustav Ciamaga, Lothar Klein, and Edward Laufer.

Joe has created dozens of arrangements, especially those in his favorite genre of jazz ballads. But original composition is how Joe spends most of his writing efforts, having written many original pieces in all musical styles and genres for standard and free bass accordion, some of which are performed regularly throughout Europe, Canada, and the US.

Some of Joe’s most recent recordings include an all-acoustic accordion CD entitled Omaggio, which is dedicated to the many musical influences in his life from various composers, musical friends and family members. Joe has also released an all-digital Roland V-Accordion CD entitled, Waltz for Ron, which contains a bevy of original compositions and arrangements of classical, light classical, ethnic and jazz pieces fully exploiting the orchestral possibilities of the Roland virtual accordion. “Waltz For Ron” is not only the title of the CD, but the title track of one of the CD’s compositions dedicated to the memory of the late Ron Lankford, who is very much responsible for the success of the V-Accordion in the US. A new CD has been released in 2018 called Chameleon and as the name hints, will showcase the wide diversity of Joe's compositional efforts for acoustic and digital accordion solo, accordion with ensembles, and electronic ambient music, and includes the newly recorded AAA Commission composition entitled Sonata In F Major (In the Classical Style) .

In addition to his music degrees, Joe also attended Youngstown State University for a Computer Science degree and has an MBA from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. Joe has been working in the Information Technology industry for many large companies.

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