IDEAS (International Digital Electronic Accordion Society)

JOE NATOLI (right) and MICHAEL SOLOWAY (left) are very excited to be founders and

co-directors of a fairly new digital accordion organization founded in 2018 called

the International Digital Electronic Accordion Society (IDEAS).

IDEAS was formed for people who own, play and love their digital/electronic accordion(s) and

who have not only a deep curiosity, but a passion to explore everything associated with their

digital instrument(s). It is also open to those who may have considered the “idea” (pun intended)

of a digital instrument and want to explore and participate first before committing. For these

onlookers, it just may evolve into something so exciting that it would be too much fun to pass up!

Digital players are aware that there is technology and method required beyond just playing

technique on these instruments to be able to fully realize one’s music/art and the real potential

of such an amazing tool. However, until now, there have been few places to go where digital

enthusiasts can feel at home to explore, grow, or share musical goals.

Enter IDEAS, whose mission it is to provide a global forum for DIGITAL ACCORDION in all its

forms, makes, and models, including the wealth of peripheral equipment and devices used by

digital accordionists.

We have a popular Facebook group (just search for “GR8 IDEAS”) which not only enables all discussions and activities related to digital accordion, but also encourages discussions and engagement on our annual Symposium – a super gathering of the best digital accordion enthusiasts, performers, and teachers in the world; applying all their collective knowledge to be shared in an organized and highly effective way. The Symposiums also go under the acronym of IDEAS (International Digital Electronic Accordion Symposium). We now have three highly successful Symposiums under our belt (2018, 2019, and the Nov 5 - Nov 21, 2020 completely virtual 2020 Symposium, with 103 hours of recorded and available video for all workshops, concerts, and events). Our faculty consists of those who love to teach, along with some of the world’s finest performers on these instruments, recording and sound engineers /producers, even medical/chiropractic therapists to help us all enjoy our instruments properly and safely for many years to come. The Faculty is a synergistic group, meeting and planning the very best and effective ways to maximize the educational potential and experience of the entire group as well as the Symposium.

Once Covid-19 is a distant memory, we hope to meet onsite and in person for an incredible educational and knowledge sharing musical retreat for 4 full days where nearly every waking hour will be focused on the requirements of the digital accordionist. We have reserved the spectacular Grand Resort in Warren, Ohio (, situated on a beautiful golf course campus with nothing but wonderful scenery around you. There are patio bars, exceptional jazz piano entertainment nightly, 5-star dining, golfing (in season), indoor tennis, racquetball, recreation center, huge state-of-the-art exercise facility, health spas, Olympic size swimming pool, exceptional rooms and suites, spacious meeting rooms, and outstanding ballroom & concert facilities, and a new $14M Roman Spa facility with year round swimming that is not equaled anywhere for a country resort of this time.

During this retreat, attendees have the ability to choose to attend a variety of in-depth workshops from two to four hours – depending on your individually determined needs and expectations. There are private lessons and groups available providing meaningful information on how to really get the most out of your digital instrument, no matter what variety you play. Topics will include programming, orchestration, recording techniques, developing digital orchestras, using digital accordions commercially with success, knowledgably exploring digital effects, equalization techniques, creating music scores directly into notation software via MIDI, and many more topics as the Faculty is empowered to develop and dream with us. There are also daily concerts with some of the world’s best digital performers and the Grand Resort is very supportive of our playing and performing extemporaneously within the facility.

If you do not want to come alone, the Avalon Inn & Resort is a wonderful facility for everyone, with all types of amenities. Significant others will have the ability to go to spa treatments, pedicures, manicures, and cruise the extended local group of resorts with all of their included facilities and dining establishments within 20 miles on freely provided shuttles. As their advertising indicates, “There is never a need to leave the Grand Resort Inn once you are there.” 

We hope all digital accordion players will adopt our IDEAS Society, the IDEAS Symposium, and the IDEAS Facebook Page are their musical home – whoever and wherever you are!

Don't forget to visit our wonderful webpage as well, where you can access many interesting topics, but with a $45 recurring annual membership you can have access to the Members Only Home section where the scope of what is available to you is greatly increased.

Join this group. Become a member of the new IDEAS family. Embrace your instrument and the wonderful world of people who can share that with you. Reserve Nov 2-7, 2021 in your schedule where we can all study, learn, play, and celebrate together.

Joe Natoli and Michael Soloway